FINALLY–Sneak Peek of the Driven EP!

Five of the eight songs that will be included on the upcoming Driven EP.  Official worldwide release will be in January, but there may be a few exclusive buying opportunities before that.  Stay tuned for ringtones and other fun stuff, coming soon!

Driven EP – test mixes by Dana Jo Forseth

7 thoughts on “FINALLY–Sneak Peek of the Driven EP!

  1. Fantastic D.J.! We want to buy one! Where can we get this? I can see a van load o’ wards headed to the next reunion with this CD on the player, and everybody singing the Inlaws, Outlaws, etc.. But more to the point. You have really put a lot of work and polish into your songs and it jumps out. We like all of them! Can’t wait to be driving down the road and hearing…
    “next up Dana Jo Forseth and a song about sittin’ around the campfire with Inlaws, Outlaws & Offspring. Well Done D.J.. Very nice work. Wish Ali was in L.A. when you were down there.

    U. Pete & A. Nancy

  2. Nice work Dana Jo. The music sounds great and you look fantastic! Inlaws, outlaws and offspring tells the story well.

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